EXPENSES (Avrage of 3 months quoted to nearest round figure)


Food 165,000.00    
Housing Keeping  12,000.00   (toiletery items, Laundry material etc.)
Childrens maintenance 85,000.00   (Childrens personal requirements/clothing for school and other/shoes)
Childrens  Education 50,000.00   (School stationery, school fees, text books, tuition fees etc..)
Administrative expenses 85,000.00   (Staff / workers salaries, administrative stationery, postage, courier  etc..) 
Electricity 20,000.00    
Communication 10,000.00   (Telephone, Broadband/ADSL, Satelite TV)
Maintenance of premises               15,000.00    
Maintenance of vehicle(truck) 16,000.00    
TOTAL  458,000.00    


The above costs vary time and again according to the cost of living and the USD currecy fluctuations in Sri Lanka The costs cover the actuals in the months of May, June & July 2012. rouchly about USD3,400 per month (USD to a Rupee at present is Rs.135/- as at 29.Aug.2012)